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Only Juices

Only Juices srl is a service company that runs jointly with its sister companies Canditfrucht spa and La Mora Siciliana spa, for which it serves as a crucial sales support.
Within Only Juices, the experiences gained in well over half a century of citrus processing by Canditfrucht spa meet with the most innovative technology in packaging by La Mora Siciliana spa.

Only by fully understanding each aspect of production, from processing to packaging, to shipping, one can find solutions capable of turning a winning idea into a reality.

Dynamic, efficient, ahead of the latest trends: this is how we choose to be for our clients.

Our farmers citrus gardens are distributed in various areas in the Sicily region, like CataniaSiracusaEnnaAgrigento and Palermo.

The blond pulp oranges mostly grown in the Agrigento area and embrace the varieties of the Navel, among which shines the cultivar “Washington Navel”.

Most interesting are the citrus grown on the Piana di Catania – who’s pigmented pulp blood oranges (Tarocco – Sangiunello – Moro variety) evolve into a very dark red with high anthocyanins level. It is thanks to Etna’s Volcano peculiar and extremely fertile soil and to its climate conditions, with high temperature excursions between day and night, especially from October to December, that the Sicilian Blood Orange Juice is world recognized for its properties and flavors.

Again, it is Etna’s Volcano ashes that enrich the poor in limestone soil. These elements allow the lush orange and lemon gardens to grown with unique organoleptic characteristics.

Lemons mainly arrive from the areas of Messina, Catania, and Palermo and partly also from Siracusa.

Why choose our products?
Contain exclusively sugars derived naturally from fruit.
100% Organic
Use only organic product certified by the most stringent international bodies and packaged according to the guidelines set by a rigorous industrial tradition within the sector.
Without Additives
Madewithout food colouring, preservatives, water, or additional flavorings of any sort.
Due to their beneficial properties, they are an excellent source of both vitamins and antioxidants.