Our Smoothies


A blend of apple and strawberry puree, with oats, and red grape juice.
Cuore di Frutta is your 100% NFC natural organic fruit smoothie, prepared without added sugars, water, additives, flavorings, or preservatives of any kind.

A healthy and delicious alternative to fresh fruit!

Apple Puree 56%
Strawberry Puree 25%
Red Grape Juice 16.5%
Oats 2.5%


A blend of apple, pear, and banana puree mashed with zucchini and spinach. This snack, due to its fruits and vegetables, is rich in both vitamins and minerals.

A comprehensive snack suitable for any occurrence!

Apple Puree 50%
Pear Puree 30%
Banana Puree 10%
Zucchini 5%
Spinach 5%


An exquisite Organic snack made from apple, pear, and banana puree, prepared without water nor added sugars.

No added aromas or preservatives, the perfect snack for any child’s healthy diet, as well as grown-ups!

Apple Puree 60%
Pear Puree 20%
Banana Puree 20%


A 100% organic fruit smoothie made out of apple, banana, and strawberry. It contains solely the sugars contained naturally within fruits, while also being gluten-free.

Thanks to its secure and resealable cap, it is ideal for a practical and safe consumption!

Apple Puree 56%
Banana Puree 24%
Strawberry Puree 20%


Apple, banana, mango, and apricot! Giffa is an organic snack rich in calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, and even potassium.

A surprisingly tasty natural tonic waiting to be savored!

Banana Puree 46%
Apple Puree 33%
Mango Puree 14%
Apricot Puree 7%


Pappa is a 100% organic fruit smoothie made out of apple, banana, and mango puree mixed with yogurt, coconut milk, and millet flour.

A rich source of energy, ideal for both children and athletes!

Apple Puree 55%
Yogurt 25%
Banana Puree 8%
Mango Puree 4%
Coconut Milk 5%
Millet Flour 2%


Due to its blend of apple, banana, and blueberries puree mixed with yogurt, and millet flour, the Mu snack provides a blast of vitamins and minerals.

For the joy and wellbeing of your children, a genuine and fun snack ❤

Apple Puree 53%
Yogurt 25%
Banana Puree 15%
Blueberries Puree 3%
Millet Flour 3%