Eat in the right way, eat healthy

HOW can we pass on LOVE OF GOOD FOOD TO our child?

You begin to build a regular behavior towards the world of nutrition since childhood. A child who eats properly, will be more predisposed to follow a healthy and balanced diet.


Some tricks?

✔️ Eating is beautiful, eating together is even more so. Let’s take the time we need, in no hurry, to share this moment together

✔️  If it’s possible Schedule meal times, and eat together as a family, to create an enjoyable routine

✔️ Your child doesn’t like it? It doesn’t matter, let’s not force him to eat it. Maybe you can offer the same food, another day… in a different way.

✔️  Children are creature of habit. They feel safe and protected with things they already know, and this happens even at meals. It is very important to eat different things, from an early age. Try to eat different flavors and textures develop curiosity to different tastes

✔️  Shall we cook together? Often involving the child in the preparation of lunch, dinner or snack can be a fun and positive approach to the meal

✔️  The snack is important. Choose something nutritious but light.